Sweet Heart Nail Art Tutorial For Valentine Day


A cool new stylish nail art, which is a Heart nail art style that you just will build in your home solely. It extremely stylish and wonderful below I'll show you all the correct steps. On valentine day impress your boyfriend to wear this nail style. Every girl requires new nail art designs to show to her boyfriend. You can definitely do it on your own, create some incredible effects yourself at home.


Before you begin first cover your nails with the regular base coat.

Base coat preserves nails from the chemical hazards of nail paint.

We will be starting off with the white nail paint, hence grab the white nail paint from your collection and start applying slowly. Dry it completely.

Take a piece of paper and cut into a heart shape. And placed the paper on a white painted nail, Follow according to the picture.

Get a piece of sponge and apply two different shades of nail polish on it, place the sponge on your nails. Rehash a couple times until you get the shading you need.

The cool and beautiful heart is ready, you are done.


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