Wild And Crazy Caty Look Eye Makeup


Nature has always been a source of inspiration for the human being from ages. It carries immense beauty in itself, which is full of shades, colors and patterns. The impression of these variations of nature and its resources can be seen on a lot of goods used by us. Fabric industry has made the optimum use of it by putting these magnificent patterns and designs on their products. All of us would have used animal print clothing at least once in our life. These wildlife patterns are not just beautiful but are also a symbol of strength and power. You would get amazed to know that these days they have become a chief source of inspiration for makeup as well. If you are fed up of your routine eye makeup and want to try something out of the box, nothing will suit you better than the 'leopard print' eye makeup. You can try it out for a social gathering or a kitty party and we are sure that you will get showered with compliments from your friends there.


Steps that you need to follow are:-

The first and foremost step is to apply primer on the eyelids evenly as it acts as a base for the makeup.

Then apply orange color eye shadow on the eyelids using a brush. Create a V shape at the outer corner. Apply the same color on the outer half below the eye as well.

To secure the orange shade, apply beige color on it and spread it nicely all over the lid.

Then apply a peach color slightly at the center as shown in the picture.

Now apply eye pencil at the waterline of the eye and to secure it, apply some matte eyeshadow on it.

Then, using a flat angled brush and white kohl pencil creates fine eclipses on the outer portion of the eye.

After doing that, to bring out the 'leopard print' impression, blend the white spots with black lines.

Give the final touch using a cat-eye liner followed by a thick coat of mascara on the lashes. After doing this you won't feel the need to fix faux lashes.

At last highlight the eyebrows with a dark color.

Try to use nude shade lipstick instead of dark lipstick on this look.


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