Very Effective Home Remedies For Long and New Hair Growth, Even Doctors Are Speechless


Hairs are the most important thing which can add beauty to a person. All of us want to have healthy, long and beautiful hairs. Hair loss is a prominent situation among women. It is a loss of hair from the scalp. You must have gone for various hair treatments available at various hair care centers, salons, parlors used for hair loss spending a lot of money on different treatments.
Here, in this post we are discussing about a homemade recipe for your hair growth.

Try out this homemade recipe. This will surely speed up your hair growth. If you want to make this recipe, the ingredients you need:


½ banana


Tablespoon of organic honey

½ cup of beer

2) How to Prepare:

Mix all of the above ingredients well until you get a compound mixture. The mixture has to be creamy, in order to be correctly used.

3) How to Apply:

Apply this mixture on your hair and scalp, mainly in the most critical areas. Then, put a piece of paper over it to keep the area warm. By performing this, the remedy will enter deeply into the skin. Keep the mixture for one to two hours. Wash your hair after that. For getting positive results, apply this treatment once a week.



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