Pretty Hello Kitty Nail Art Tutorial Step By Step


Nail arts are often inspired by the objects that we see around in our day life. If you are a college girl and want to adore your nails with something trendy but cute at the same time, nothing would suit you better than the pretty kitty pattern on your nails.


• Begin with painting your nails with baby pink colour which will act as a base and then let it dry for few minutes.

• Now it’s time to paint the top portion of your nails with white nail enamel as displayed in the picture.

• To create the cute face of kitty, put two dots of black colour on the white region. For mouth use yellow colour and create it by putting a tiny dot on the same white area.

• Paint out the moustaches of the cat using the black nail enamel and finally draw a cute bow right at the head of the kitty using red colour.

• Finally hello kitty nail art is ready, You can make this nail art with different design and color. See more design given below:

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