Manicure Fails That Totally Didn't Nail It


I have something interesting for you which may make you laugh. I am going to show you some nail art which failed big time. My advice to you is that not to try these nail art as these are just to show you but still it's great that people try new things and this is the secret of success.

1. Twisted Nails

2. Werenails

3. 53 Coats of Nail Polish

4. Swiss Army Nails

5. Eye Opening Nails

6. Bedazzled Nails

7. Velvet Nails

8. Toenail Talons

9. Sea Creature Nails

10. Duck Feet Nails?

11. Tentacle Nails

12. Cheesy Nails

13. Tetris Nails

14. 3D Bows and Rhinestone Nails

15. 3D Jungle Nails

16. Long Nails

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