Easy Way to Highlights Hair Streaks Ideas Step By Step at Home


Hair Strips Step:

1. Mix bleaching powder with 6% hydrogen. Apply it to the hair ends by start applying from the middle hair section to the hair ends.

2. Hold the brush vertically along to the hairlines. Whip the brush from top to bottom at the connecting point of the bleached hair with unbleached hair then still having natural hair color. This is for color shade layers harmoniously.

3. Apply in the same way to the head. Leave it for 30 minutes or until it turns up to the bleached color. Rinse off with the water. Apply shampoo once and treatment. Then, blow hair by a dryer.

4. Divide the hair at the middle head in the start shape.

5. Mix purple color or you can choose any color of your choose with 6% hydrogen in the ratio 1:2. Apply to the top hair from the hair roots to the hair ends by using foil to separate the hair between top to the bottom part. Leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse off with the water. Then, blow hair by a dryer.


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