12 Awesome Fashion Hacks Every Girl Should Know


Small things sometimes turn into huge trouble and tend to ruin our routine plans. But a little awareness and know-how can help you in fixing up these Havocs. Today we are suggesting you some of the easy tips that you can apply on your favourite accessories to avoid them from getting spoiled. Try these out and you will definitely end up thanking us.

1). Remove stains from leather handbag

If your leather bag has got stained, you can remove the stains by simply spraying a solution of cold water and vinegar over it.

2) Avoid crease or wrinkles

To get your jackets wrinkle free or creaseless, turn it inside out before folding and packing it.

3). To keep sweaters new

Always wash your soft and delicate sweaters with baby shampoo to keep them new for forever.

4). Make sneakers stink free

To remove that foul odor coming out of your sneakers that irritate you a lot, just cover them with baking soda when they are not in use.

5). Remove sweat stains

Spray some lemon juice on the white shirts which turn yellow due to sweat.

6). Tighten up your sunglasses

Apply a little transparent nail paint on the hinges of your favourite sunglasses to tighten them.

7). To prevent blisters

Spray deodorant on the soles of new footwear to avoid blisters.

8). Oil stains from leather pants

To remove oil stains from your leather pants, apply some baby powder over the stain.

9). To fix up zip

If the zip of your jacket or handbag is causing trouble while gliding, just rub crayon wax or Vaseline on the zipper. This will make the zip slide smoothly.

10). Prevent buttons from falling off

If buttons of your shirts keep falling frequently, apply some transparent nail paint on the threads of the button. Doing this will prevent them from falling.

11). To clean dirt from cloth shoes

To wash your cloth Shoes that often get covered with dirt, scrub them with a mixture of baking soda and detergent using a toothbrush.

12). Remove deodorant stains

To get rid of yellow deodorant stains, prepare a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and water and put it on the stain.


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