Sweet Neon Sugar Spun Nail Art Design


Funky nail art is something which is really trending nowadays and girls are carrying out different experiments with nail paints to get a cool and gorgeous look. Gone are the days when people used to color their nails with the same nail paint. If you are also looking for unique nail art which you can flaunt among your friends, you will be glad to know that we can suggest you one. Our 'Neon sugar spun nail art' tutorial will really prove useful in turning you into an ultimate Fashionista. You just need to follow the easy steps given below will take help from the pictures provided. All you need is a red nail paint bottle, a neon color nail paint bottle and some toothpicks.

Steps to follow:-

1). Firstly color all your nails evenly with the red nail paint. Let it get dry for few minutes.

2). After this put two thick vertical lines of neon color nail paint on the edges of your nail as depicted in the picture.

3). Then take a toothpick and start drawing some zigzag lines horizontally on your nail as directed in the pictures.

4). Finally, remove the thick side vertical lines of neon color with the help of a brush or a nail enamel remover.

5). Leave it to dry properly and you are done.


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