U Never Knew This! U Have Been Trying Your Hair All The Way Wrong. Try This!


Hey you have been trying your hair all the way wrong. Try this hairstyle brings you a bold attitude in the fashion statement. The everlasting appeal can be brought to the hairstyle and gives you a stylish, innovative and inspirational touch. Through this hairstyle, you can give stylish look to your ponytail and gives you a different look. Here are some steps that help you to add the stylish, fashionable and elegant look to your face and hairstyle. This guide helps you to make a beautiful hairstyle with simple and easy steps-

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


Step 5

Here are some simple steps:-

• Tie the top hair with some clip.

• Wrap the hair on the back to make a ponytail and fold the hair.

• Get the front hair and brush it and tie it and secure with the Bobby pins just to add the volume to the hair.

• See a stylish Ponytail is ready.

Don't forget to see this video:-

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