See Here: 8 Mistakes You Should Know When You Washing Your Hair


It doesn't make a difference the amount you spend too much on those extravagant hair items in case you're shampooing every wrong. Yup, you've been washing your hair your entire life, yet there's a probability that you could be doing everything incorrectly!

1. Avoid hot showers- As well high temp water could be creating your hair to look dry and lifeless. Attempt a cold wash. The cooler the water the better it is to hold dampness.

2. Overusing shampoo- Don't do the rinse and-rehash system each time you wash. Unless your hair is super greasy or you have dirt in it, shampooing once is all that could possibly be needed.

3. Applying too much product- Use more than a coin-sized measure of cleanser and conditioner. An additional measure of cleanser strips natural oil from scalp.

4. Root to tip application- Apply cleanser on utilizing it on your scalp and not along your strands and Apply conditioner from the center to the finishes of your strands to repair dry and harmed ends.

5. Harsh abrasion- Avoid forceful rubbing and scratching while washing up your cleanser! Wet hair is feeble and more inclined to breaking, so be delicate.

6. Don’t rush to conditioner step
- Don't wash it off too early, sit for 5-7 minutes.

7. Finishing off with hot rinse- Turn off the hot water and prepare yourself for a few moments for a chilly wash toward the end of your shower. This seals the cuticles, which will prompt less frizz and shinier strands.

8. Drying off with a towel- Rubbing your hair with a towel can prompt breakage and damage. So, it’s ideal to go with an old T-shirt as opposed to a towel for less friction.

Always use sulphate free shampoos dependable, particularly if your hair is coloured or chemically treated, or it could wreck your expensive technique.

Use leather free shampoo- You’re always supposed to gently wring your strands to get rid of excess water after you rinse out your shampoo. Using conditioner on sopping wet hair will dilute its effects since a lot of it will simply drop off!


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