Incredible Braided Fish Ponytail Hairstyle For Summer


If you belong to the group of working-class ladies, you must often be looking for a hairdo which is trendy and easy to create. To save time in the rushed mornings and for maintaining the elegance at the same time, braids come up as the ultimate solution. There is an endless number of braid hairdo present from which you can pick up one for yourself. If you are all set to dazzle a party, but are still not sure about the hairstyle to carry, we can help you out in resolving your confusion with our current tutorial which is about a braided hairstyle called 'the fish ponytail' that will suit well for a party or picnic and can be tried even on a normal working day. You just need to have some Bobby pins, a comb, and an elastic hair band to create this hairstyle.

Get started after having a quick look at the steps given below.

Comb your hairs twice or thrice to get rid of the tangles and then make a high ponytail securing it with an elastic hair band.

Next, divide the hair into two equal sections, and start waving them to form a braid as directed in the picture.

While making the braid, to try to pick the equal section of hair to maintain the evenness.

Secure the braid with an elastic hair band few inches before the end of the tail. Fix the loose strands of hair coming out using Bobby pins.

Give a final touch by tugging the hair strands on the edge a little outward to give a natural and messy look.


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