Important Do's and Don'ts About Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy


A woman is often referred as creators as she brings a living creature into this wonderful world. But she has to undergo a lot of things before delivering the child. She remains a constant sufferer of nausea, joint aches, mood swings and sleep disorders. Sometimes all the excitement of being pregnant gets vanished due to constant uneasiness and women turn anxious and tired. Proper sleep and rest are considered a must by the doctors, but there are a lot of women who spend several sleepless nights. This is quite obvious and there is nothing serious to worry about as all these minor issues can be resolved by taking some measures. If you are an expecting mother and going through insomnia, you should better, try out some of the sleeping positions listed below.

1) Left is the new right

Start sleeping on your left after the first trimester. It can be a bit difficult initially, but you will get habituated to this position after a few days. Sleeping on the left is not only good for health, it also ensures adequate blood supply to the fetus.

2) Avoid sleeping on back or stomach
Most of the people are habitual of sleeping on the back or stomach, but it should be avoided strictly during the pregnancy. These positions can cause discomfort, ache and uneasiness. Sleeping on your back puts all the weight on your organs while on your stomach your baby gets all the weight of your body.

3) Try some sleeping accessories

Nowadays markets are flooded with several accessories for expecting mothers. Pick out one of those cuddly pillows that will provide you the adequate amount of comfort and will also give a lift to your body to attain perfect sleep.

4) Prefer less water intake before sleeping

Drinking plenty of water is considered good for health usually. But during pregnancy, the bladder becomes weak, which results in frequent visits to the loo. Therefore, avoid drinking water or any fluid two hours prior going to bed.

5) Analyze your sleeping positions

A constant increase in the size of the belly is observed after each month and trimester, you should start analyzing and changing your sleeping positions accordingly after regular intervals of time.

6) Wear loose clothes

Comfort is essential if you want to relax properly. Say no to all your tight clothes lying in the cupboard as they can create a lot of discomforts. Go to bed in loose and comfortable clothes.

7) Keep calm

An agitated mood is a big hindrance in the way of getting a profound sleep. So if you are stressed out or irritated, try out some breathing exercises and meditation to put yourself into relax mode.

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