6 Tips That Will Help You To Grow Your Nail Long, Strong And FAST! 3


Tips 4

Doing household chores like washing dishes or cleaning the bathroom is great for your home, but not so great for your hands. Hot water and cleaning products can really do a number on your skin and nails, which can prevent your from having the perfect mani you desire. Wearing gloves while performing these necessary tasks is the perfect way to protect your hands and nails without hindering the quality of your cleaning job.

Tips 5

Stop biting your nails! Personally, this is my number one problem and something I have been working on for a very long time. I’ve had periods of success when it comes to kicking this habit, but something always manages to bring me down, and I end up with a bunch of short, bitten nails again. Not only does biting your nails make you susceptible to illness, but it can also cause permanent nail damage.

Tips 6

If nail biting is something you struggle with, there are things you can do to combat the habit. Some solutions include using an anti-nail biting polish, stick-on nail products, and occupying your hands (and your mind) with a healthier task when you find yourself feeling stressed or bored.

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