6 Tips That Will Help You To Grow Your Nail Long And Strong. FAST!


Tips 1

To avoid fiascoes like tears and chips, it’s important to keep your nails strong with products like hardener and base coat. Even if you don’t have time to give yourself a full manicure with polish, glitter, or art, by applying coats of clear product every week, you will ensure strength and durability, which will allow your nails to grow.

Tips 2

Keeping your nails and cuticles moisturized is just as important as the rest of your skin. The weather can have a major effect on your skin and your nails are no exception, so having a moisturizing cuticle cream on hand is a great way to keep them strong.

Tips 3

Acetone is an ingredient found in most nail polish removers. It’s great for removing stubborn products, like glitter polish, but for regular enamels, it’s not necessary. Not only does it dry out your skin and nails, but it also strips them of their natural oils, which can lead to breakage and peeling. If you need to remove polish from your nails, try to use an acetone-free remover whenever possible!
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